Care Instructions


Solid Wood

Timeless, carbon neutral, and readily renewable, solid wood is the primary material used to create our furniture and objects. With proper care wood will develop greater warmth and character as it is used. 


Basic Care

Direct sunlight exposure will alter the colour of the wood. If exposure is unavoidable try to ensure exposure is uniform. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity can cause cracking and warping, so maintaining a stable environment of around 20 degrees and humidity of 50% will help avoid these problems. Also avoid placing hot or wet objects directly on the wood.

Our preference is for the natural so wood surface treatments are derived from natural oils and waxes enhancing and protecting as well as allowing for periodic maintenance and graceful ageing. For general cleaning wipe in the direction of the grain with a slightly damp cloth, and always dry immediately. Stubborn stain removal can be aided by the addition of a mild detergent (soap flakes) to this process.

Please note that you should always wipe the surface clean and dry of any liquids as soon as possible. 

To avoid stains, use coasters or mats under flower pots, vases, cups, glasses etc. Furthermore, protect the surfaces against sharp objects and those that might scratch. Extra care should be taken with stained finishes so we recommend the use of coasters, trivets and mats.

Frequent application of a natural soap will clean the wood while reinforcing and maintaining the wood's protective coating. Dependant on use and wear we recommended table tops etc be oiled/waxed yearly.


Please use only a damp cloth for the cleaning of lacquered surfaces. In case of stronger stains we recommend the use of a mild non-scratched household cleaner.


Powder Coated Steel

Being a hard and durable finish it should require only periodic cleaning with a damp cloth. Always wipe dry immediately.


Copper Plated Steel / Solid Brass

Our copper plated steel and brass is uncoated thus natural oxidisation and a resulting patina will form. This natural ‘ageing’ is intended and so we do not recommend polishing. However if you prefer to remove the patina, you may regularly clean with Brasso or other copper/brass polish, according to the manufacturers instructions. DO NOT use corrosive cleaning solutions as this can damage the copper plating.


These care instructions are recommendations only. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us by email.

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