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Design - 
Simple. Functional. Lasting.




At kin we strive to produce simple, modern and crafted products that are long lasting and timeless. Beyond just aesthetic form, good design for us means combining the rational and the emotional, enriching objects through an emphasis on craftsmanship, considered details and natural materials. In this way we hope to connect and harmonise our products with the people who use them and the spaces they inhabit. We also have a passion for component based design that enables ease of shipping and assembly along with allowing for lifelong refurbishment.


Craftsmanship & Quality - How things are made... down here.

Central to the kin approach is the value placed on how things are made and where. Working both in house and in close collaboration with specialist local craftsmen our products are skilfully and ethically produced in Australia on a small scale with the combination of traditional handcraft and new production technologies. 


Materials - Natural, beautiful, durable.

These are the characteristics we look for in our materials and those that ensure with use and due care the object will acquire a patina over time. We believe that this evidence of use and wear only increases the character & beauty of the object, humanising and connecting it to the people who use it.

Our finely sanded wood surfaces are skilfully hand finished with natural oils and waxes, creating a smooth, resistant surface. Rather than a film over the top, the oil impregnates the wood allowing it to 'breathe', enhancing and protecting the natural beauty of the wood while allowing for periodic maintenance and graceful ageing. 


Direct Distribution -  From us to you.

Like our products our business model is simple. We design then produce through a small network of local craftsmen, hand finish in our workshop and distribute direct to public and trade. This method of working ensures high quality products and importantly value. Currently only available via this website in the future we will have a showroom so that our products can be fully experienced by both eye and hand.


Sustainability Good design, ethics, high material quality, durability.

Starting with good design our aim is to produce lasting and functional furniture that has a long lifecycle. Using wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, processing material efficiently, using natural plant derived finishes and designing easily transportable and packaged product are all part of our approach to responsible local production.


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