Timeless, carbon neutral, and readily renewable, solid wood is the primary material used to create our furniture and objects. Predominately we use white oak which is sourced from sustainably managed plantations in North America and Europe. Being particularly hard and durable this long revered wood displays beautiful grain and colour all of which improve with age and proper care developing greater warmth and character as it is used.

As our preference is for the natural, we use mostly wood surface treatments derived from natural oils and waxes that enhance and protect the wood as well as allowing for periodic maintenance and graceful ageing.


Neutral oil - raw look 

A penetrating oil finish that maintains the neutral look of raw oak while ensuring protection.

Natural hardwax oil 

A natural finish based on vegetable oils and natural waxes, it penetrates deep into the wood while creating a hard-wearing and light film on the surface. 

Pure oil 

A certified organic oil derived from sunflowers with excellent penetration properties ensuring a traditional looking, hard-wearing, dirt and water resistant surface.

Smoked oil 

A pigmented oil that highlights the wood grain and producing a dark finish reminiscent of traditional fumed oak.

Black lacquer 

We use a 2 component water based black paint which produces an intense, even and open grained finish that allows the beautiful grain of the wood to show.

More information on care and maintenance

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